Still Using On-Premise ERP Applications?

Why QuickBooks Might Not Be the Right Business Tool for You

Simple, easy to use, and highly rated, QuickBooks is often the go-to accounting application for small to medium sized businesses. Sustaining popularity nationwide since the early 2000’s, QuickBooks has established a reputation of the user-friendly accounting system. However, as cloud-based systems become ever more prevalent in efficient enterprise resource planning, QuickBooks may actually present more obstacles instead of benefits to your growing business such as:

  • Missed opportunities to develop business intelligence
  • Vulnerable data storage
  • Slower order processing for complex supply chains
  • Costly on-premise ERP infrastructures

Not surprisingly, studies predict that in 2020, nearly four out of 10 large organizations will conduct 60% of their ERP applications through the cloud since it is able to enhance device performance and worker transparency while also streamlining IT infrastructures. In the end, applications such as Ascent Solutions are changing the resource management landscape with increasing adaptability, versatility, and connectivity, previously unseen in on-premise applications like QuickBooks.

Get Your Head in the Cloud with Ascent Solutions

Zebra Cloud Based Systems

New market trends such as rising e-commerce rates, automation, and globalization have driven business users to implement greater visibility throughout the entire supply chain in order to remain competitive. In fact, Zebra Technologies’ most recent Field Operations Vision Study estimates 97% of organizations plan to invest in mobile devices by 2023 which enhances visibility on the go. As a Zebra Solutions Partner, Ascent Solutions integrates all the benefits of a cloud-based system into the latest generation of mobile computing, preserving your team’s competitiveness while setting them up for success in the new on-demand market.

  • Integrate complex sales order processing for dynamic operations
  • Manage a greater device pool through an application that embraces business growth
  • Expand accurate tracking to your field teams
  • Synthesize collected data through multiple filters
  • Implement automated processes without losing software functionality

Lastly, built to expect change, Ascent Solutions naturally integrates efficient reverse logistics to accommodate the growing popularity of resale, rent, and refurbish markets.  

When it comes to the future of efficient resource planning, cloud-based systems are here to revolutionize the standards. To see how Ascent Solutions can help transition your operations into the future, contact us today for a free assessment of your workflow.

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