Your Customers Expect a Lot from You

What Are Your Customers Really Expecting from You?

Before the age of the internet, customers cared primarily about one thing: the product. If the price and quality were right, then there was little to dissuade a customer from finalizing a purchase or returning in the future. However, this is not the case of today’s customer/vendor relationships. 

Studies conducted by customer-relationship experts at Salesforce found that almost 50% of shoppers will switch brands if a business fails to anticipate their needs. Furthermore, customers today prioritize convenience over brand name, evidenced by the 97% of customers who have abandoned a purchase because it was inconvenient to them. Online shopping giants such as Amazon go to great lengths to ensure continuous stock availability and diversity, lest shoppers turn elsewhere for products they don’t even know they need yet. Product is still important, yet the rise of technology and omnichannel shopping has opened room to a new shopping necessity -experience. 

Today’s transactions go beyond need-fulfillment as shoppers expect more than easy access to their goals. Customer support and quality experiences have become key differentiators between businesses. Developed to thrive today’s challenging market, Ascent Solutions optimizes workflow efficiency with the next generation of enterprise technology and intuitive software, maximizing connectivity that enhances your customers’ experience.

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience at Quadra Furniture

TC20 Inventory Management

To provide a unique and memorable shopping experience, operations require dependable visibility from door to dock. With this in mind, QUADRA, a residential staging company, decided to replace outdated tracking systems to enhance inventory visibility. Integrating best-in-class devices from Zebra Technologies, such as the TC20 and TC5X, Ascent worked alongside QUADRA to:

  • Expedite processing speeds – The TC20’s efficient scanner paired with Ascent’s intuitive platform helped process orders faster through the warehouse while ensuring order accuracy.
  • Connect delivery drivers and warehouse teams – Equipped with several networking options, the TC5X maximized connectivity outside the warehouse. Running on an Android OS, the touch-computer also allowed warehouse managers to monitor device performance and battery life to secure continuous uptime.
  • Simplify returns – Made to handle reverse logistics, Ascent Solutions eliminated confusing workflows by streamlining return orders through deployed devices.

By maximizing inventory visibility, QUADRA raised the standard in customer service and support since assets could be easily tracked, checked, and returned all through the same solution. With an easy-to-use tracking solution, QUADRA could better focus on supporting its clients in a timely fashion.

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You don’t have to compromise between customer experience and inventory management. Contact Ascent Solutions today to create a customized management solution, designed to meet and exceed expectations.

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