Venture the Digital Age With Ascent Solutions

Venture the Digital Age with Ascent Solutions

Zebra Technologies’ most recent Vision Study dissects the rise in warehouse automation and believe automation is set to increase within the next five years. Currently, 94% of those who participated in the survey say repetitive tasks are handled manually.  However, 75% are enhancing the performance of workers by equipping them with purpose-built devices while 29% desire full automation by 2024. Augmenting humans or full automation will create large volumes of data.  Ascent Solutions is designed to support data analytics with the Salesforce Einstein AI layer. Ascent Solutions and Salesforce Einstein will help customers see faster and deeper into their business, allowing for faster more accurate customer service and fulfillment. 

Ascent Solutions uses the platform to collect actionable intelligence that enhances inventory management and optimizes the entire supply chain. As a cloud-based system, Ascent Solutions can quickly convert scanned data into valuable metrics that helps to redesign your warehouse into a fully collaborative environment.  

 DS3600 Capture Your Edge

How to Capture Your Edge

Because Ascent Solutions’ software was built specifically for manufacturing and warehousing, we recommend enterprise-grade technology to complement your system for better results. Best in class, Zebra’s ultra-rugged handheld scanner –the DS3600– serves as a dependable bridge between Ascent’s Inventory management system and the need for automated practicality.

  • WiFi Friendly Mode ensures Ascent’s applications run smoothly without Bluetooth interference.
  • Scanners may be managed through one system (123Scan2 or Scan Management Service) that is still compatible with Ascent’s inventory management system, giving you augmented visibility for better decision making.
  • Versatile scanning technology ushers in automation by decreasing time spent on repetitive tasks; thus, more time is available to integrate technology into non-repetitive workflows. 

In the end, integrating Ascent Solution’s flexible software eliminates guesswork as your technology becomes more intelligent. Implementing smart technology will lead to smarter and more accurate decisions. Equipping your workforce with intelligent data, Ascent Solutions facilitates supply chain operations to meet the demands of the future without erasing valuable human involvement.

DS3600 Developed for Efficiency

Developed for sustainable efficiency, Ascent Solutions continuously tackles productivity challenges to deliver the maximum return of investment from picking to shipping. Enter the future of efficient warehousing with confidence when you contact us for a free trial of our client-centered software and more information about the DS3600.

Want to know more about Warehouse Modernization? Download Zebra’s complete Vision Study here.

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