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Unlock a new Level of Productivity with Color Labels

Monochromatic labeling systems have retained popularity in the industrial landscape since they serve as both a cost-effective and standardized printing solution in warehouses and storefronts alike. However, new breakthroughs in printing technology bring opportunities previously unavailable with black-and-white consumables. Capturing attention before barcodes and words, color labels boost inventory accuracy in and out of the warehouse.

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Combining the strength of Zebra’s Certified Printing Supplies with the unparalleled versatility of a cloud-based platform, Ascent Solutions introduces the benefits of color labeling within a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution. Give your labels greater functionality that extends beyond accurate tracking with Zebra’s custom labels.

It’s all about the Hue.

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Printing with color has generally been associated with higher operational costs, yet partnering with Zebra Technologies, Ascent minimizes costs with customizable pre-printed colored labels, designed by you for your most unique applications. You can select from up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors. Zebra’s custom labels combined with Ascent allows you to:

  • Optimize multi-level rack systems: As distribution centers grow in size, new organizational patterns are needed to keep workflows running smoothly. Color labels simplify complex organizational spaces with easy-to-see identification.
  • Evaluate priority assets and tasks: Introducing colors to your warehouse can help direct varying priority levels for sensitive assets such as food, medicine, on-sale products, or returned shipments.
  • Keep up with compliance changes: Compliance requirements can change frequently in a growing business, yet they must be met in order to keep operations running. Zebra’s color labels adapt to changes, so you don’t have to overstock on future-outdated labels.
  • Diminish costly human errors: Because color is an incredibly engaging stimulus, it can enhance warehouse safety by readily capturing attention to hazardous conditions. Color signals can also reduce the risk of misplaced items, expediting your supply chain with faster picking and packing workflows.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction: When inventory is quickly and accurately packed, you don’t have to worry about unsatisfied customers. Whether it be on the loading dock or on the retail shelf, simplify inventory management with crucial information that is readily located at a glance by both your employees and your customers.

Integrate the power of color into your workforce with Ascent Solutions. Customize your labeling solution with our warehousing specialists, and experience every shade of innovation with the leader's inefficient inventory management.

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