The Age of Paper is Over: Digitalize with Ascent

The Age of Paper is Over: Digitalize with Ascent

Inaccurate resource management within the warehouse may account for an incalculable loss in profits through over/under stocking, delayed deliveries, confusion, etc. Tracking inventory with obsolete resources (paper, consumer-grade devices, etc.) impairs visibility throughout your supply inventory, increasing the risk of missed sales and malpractice fees. 

Built on the Salesforce platform, Ascent Solutions consolidates tracking onto one platform, giving you a real-time picture of your inventory. As a cloud based inventory management tool, Ascent Solutions has optimized the mobile experience by having a reactive mobile menu for your back office needs. When paired with Zebra Technologies mobile devices, you can get greater real-time visibility, optimizing order management through enterprise-grade devices engineered for warehouse strain.

A Digital View is a Clear View

Adaptable for growth and innovation, Zebra’s latest line of hardware technology maximizes productivity in the hands of any department thanks to its intuitive patchwork that complement Salesforce’ cloud-based system. 

Zebra Visibility IQ Powered by Savanna

Visibility IQ predicts downtimes and increases in demand by tracking up to thousands of mobile assets, giving you actionable insights to manage inventory distribution. Plus, Visibility IQ reduces likelihood of downtime as it tracks battery life of other enterprise-grade devices, bringing workforce connectivity onto one platform.

Mobility Extensions

Mobility Extensions fortifies Android OS into an enterprise ready system. Secured by government-grade encryption AES 256, the platform perfectly complies with HIPPA and PCI regulations, all while reducing learning curve with a familiar operating system.

Workforce Connect

Workforce Connect ensures reliable connectivity to even remotest workers. Connect with remote customers through mobile computers equipped with push-to-talk features and instant messaging designed solely for your preferred workplace. 

Power Smart Print gives mobile printers a cutting edge by anticipating what users will print. Boost productivity with faster and more accurate prints while conserving battery life. 


MultiScan minimizes wait time by capturing multiple barcodes with on trigger-pull. 


And a Clear View is a Happy View

With the right devices, maximizing inventory visibility becomes much more versatile, enhancing customer experience while eliminating employee confusion and delayed shipments. Get more out of your digital workforce by using enterprise-grade technology.

Take complete control of your inventory tracking system when you contact us for a free demonstration of these solutions and find out how to integrate them into your current system. Visit us next time to learn how to get your hands on Zebra’s next generation of warehouse hardware and cash back.  

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