Take the Worry Our of Field Mobility with Mobility DNA

Take the Worry out of Field Mobility with Mobility DNA

With an estimated 105.4 million new mobile workers expected to enter the American workforce by 2020 and the increasing customer expectations surrounding deliveries and online shopping has made visibility into inventory more necessary. As workers travel further from warehouses and distribution centers, visibility becomes increasingly more difficult. Since less visibility often equates to impaired productivity and dissatisfied customers, Ascent Solutions has designed features to enhance field mobility. When teamed with Zebra Technologies’ exclusive line of rugged applications, you are maximizing visibility into your supply chain.

Leading the development of rugged enterprise technology, Zebra has extended its expertise into innovative applications that seamlessly integrate into Ascent Solutions, helping you streamline product management and track inventory even after it leaves the warehouse through your multifunctional digital assets.

Peace for the Journey

TC72 Field Mobility

While durable enclosures and scratch-proof screens expand a device’s lifespan and your return of investment, field work often presents several new obstacles ranging from poor communication signals to irreplaceable batteries, all impacting the needed collaboration between your field workers and in-house employees. Eliminate the worry that follows field mobility’s most common concerns with applications coded to fit a cloud-based system.

  • Sustained Connectivity: Powered by WorryFree WiFi, mobile devices carry sustained network connectivity, near-instant application response times, better roaming performance, and comprehensive diagnostics that surpass those collected by single-standard troubleshooting tools. Paired with Ascent Solutions’ Sales Order, pre-installed connectivity offers better real-time information on your shipped goods while connecting field employees with the warehouse through the Cloud. 
  • Track Productivity: With Device Tracker, mobile devices are always visible and available, minimizing downtime due to misplaces, lost, or stolen technology. Connected through uninterrupted WiFi network, Device Tracker lets you see and manage deployed devices without any additional infrastructure, alerting your IT team when devices cross established boundaries or fail to report back.
  • Upgraded Security: Free with your Zebra OneCare contract, LifeGuard prepares Android operating systems for field strain with continuous security patches that augment device lifecycle while lowering ownership costs. Install updates automatically and remotely through Enterprise Mobility Management, while benefiting from Ascent’s omnichannel management system without security risks that could result in a financial nightmare.

Facilitating your supply chain from picking to shipping, Ascent Solutions integrates intelligent strategies that offers the real-time visibility required for optimal workforce performance and customer satisfaction. Eliminate guesswork with Ascent Solutions when you contact us for an assessment of your current software resources.

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