Speed or Accuracy? Maximize with Ascent Solutions

Speed or Accuracy? Maximize Both with Ascent Solutions

Between mid-October and late January, distribution centers can ship over 200 billion parcels worldwide. To thrive during peak season, warehouse operations require both speed and accuracy. However, when it comes to manual data entry, speed and accuracy seem to be at odds as inventory management becomes more complex with moving assets and seasonal hires. With an average error rate of 1%, manual data entry can impact nearly 2 million orders processed during peak season. Enhancing inventory management, Ascent Solutions integrates both speed and accuracy into operational efficiency through intelligent hardware solutions. 

WT6000 Minimizing Inventory Errors

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Ascent utilizes the latest tools in minimizing inventory errors. Our warehousing specialists prioritize accuracy and speed by combining Salesforce’s cloud-based platform with Zebra’s productivity tools, ultimately:

  • Streamlining operations through a versatile Android device
  • Maximizing productivity with automated data capture
  • Lessening costly errors associated with manual data entry

Why it Works

WT6000 Warehouse Working

Typical manual data entry leaves you vulnerable to picking errors –such as pressing the wrong key– or illegible entries if conducted directly on paper. Further complications arise when data must be shared throughout the supply chain. Inaccurate or missing data slows down operations, impacting delivery times and customer satisfaction. To remediate this issue, Ascent Solutions utilizes Zebra mobile device and barcode scanners to boost productivity with less data entry errors. 

Take the first step in establishing accurate speed when you trade in your outdated scanners and mobile computers for cash rebates through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Upgrade devices from any manufacturers before December 31st, 2019 and experience the power of sustained speed and accuracy beyond peak season.  

There are no limits to optimization. When it comes to inventory management, Ascent Solutions is always implementing new systems to optimize efficiency. To see how Ascent Solutions can further maximize your inventory management system, contact us for an in-depth assessment of your data capture infrastructure.

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