Another Cracked Screen? Find Better Hardware Solutions with Ascent Solutions!

Find Better Hardware Solutions with Ascent Solutions!

Using inadequate devices to support business needs can lead to numerous complications including, but not limited to, repair costs, recurring downtime, app crashes, and overall workforce confusion. Couple that with the ever-changing consumer market, and you get inaccurate inventory tracking, inefficient supply fulfillment, and unsatisfied customers.

Utilizing the Salesforce cloud, Ascent Solutions provides a customer-centered system that allows the user to easily track their work from assembly to fulfillment. Because Ascent Solutions understands the relationship between software and hardware, we’ve developed three key qualities to consider when choosing new hardware: flexibility, extensibility, and sustainability.  As one of the leading hardware manufacturers in North America, Zebra Technologies stands as one of the most reliable and durable solutions for enterprise-grade hardware.

Flexible for Both Workforce and Warehouse

MC3300 Zebra Rugged Hardware

Combining ease and functionality Zebra’s MC3300, enhances productivity with advanced communication such as instant connectivity through push-to-talk features connecting departments throughout your facility, erasing the need for extra connectivity devices and apps as they are located in one device.

Extensible with Enterprise-Grade Accessories

ET50 Zebra Rugged Hardware

Despite its familiar consumer-grade design, Zebra’s rugged tablets – such as the ET50 and ET5X – provide needed adaptability from inventory management to shipping integration through the most comprehensible accessory line in the industry. Choosing either Windows 10 or Zebra’s fortified Android, you can further enhance devices with multipurpose charging cradles, hands-free Bluetooth scanners, and extended battery life packs, all easily adjusting your tablet to meet and exceed expectations. 

Sustainable with Technological Advances

Between OS migration and groundbreaking advancements in barcode technology, constant upgrades impact both natural and financial resources as they become less sustainable. To reduce both e-waste and upgrade costs, Ascent Solutions has partnered with the GO Zebra Trade-in Program to bring you the newest upgrades plus up to a $550 cash back rebate. Simply submit your claim form when you purchase eligible devices to qualify from now until December 31st. Streamline workforce oversight through the latest technology available without the hassle of upgrading costs. 

With Zebra Technologies’ novel long-lasting printers to intuitive mobile computers, Ascent Solutions ensures solutions fit any kind of enterprise without losing any of the software benefits. Check out these devices and many more when you ask Ascent Solutions for a free demonstration.

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