Every Team Member Counts - This is How Successful Scans Are Made

Every Team Member Counts – This is how Successful Scans are Made

As warehouse operations become more dynamic, the risk for inaccurate shipments also increases, costing businesses approximately $15 per returned package. That translates into nearly $1,500 spent for 100 mis-shipped orders. Furthermore, inaccurate shipments can impact customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and employee morale. While there are many efficient methods to improve order accuracy, optimizing your data capture technology may be the best place to start.

Warehouse Solutions

Ascent Solutions has developed a vast array of solutions utilizing the Force.com platform. Ascent has been able to analyze the inner workings of a successful picking and packing operation, from labeling to data capture. Using Zebra’s latest scanners, you can keep track of inventory easily by scanning right into the Ascent platform. Whatever the size of your supply chain, Ascent Solutions ensures inventory accuracy with technology crafted for efficiency and growth.

Where Teamwork and Dreamwork meet

Teamwork and Dreamwork

Much like a team, every part of your supply chain counts; therefore, no detail is too small to be overlooked. Combining intelligent software and durable hardware, Ascent maximizes order accuracy from scan to scan.

  • Adaptability is key. Nowadays, warehouses and distribution centers produce many types of labels for a variety of functions. Since one label doesn’t “fit all” application requirements, labeling software must be versatile enough to create different label types. Applications such as Ascent’s LabelAnything works easily with your Zebra printer to meet several unique applications ranging from compliance labeling to inventory control.
  • Durability or nothing. Delicate labels have no place in the warehouse. The more delicate the label the easier they can tear, smear, or fade, erasing crucial inventory information. Moreover, labels must also survive storage and transportation environments. To secure label lifespan, Ascent recommends Zebra Certified Consumables, which are engineered to endure thermal heat, freezing temperatures, and abrasive materials without losing legibility. 
  • Simplicity means accuracy. Keeping operations simple helps minimize distractions; however, devices such as Zebra’s ultra-rugged handheld scanners take simplicity one step further. Integrating remote configuration and multi-code data capture, ultra-rugged scanners reduce time spent managing and processing pick lists, allowing you to complete over 100,000 scans per charge.

Enhance your labeling system with the leaders in efficient order fulfillment. Whether it be the need for a versatile system or device durability, Ascent Solutions matches the newest technologies to your workforce’s needs. Contact us today for a free demonstration and see what successful scans are really made of.

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