Enhance Workforce Mobility With Label Anything

Enhance Workforce Mobility with LabelAnything

Since same-day deliveries are becoming the new norm, mobile workers need to move faster to keep up with the market’s new demands. This trend means your mobile workers need the tools to make this happen. Specializing in workforce efficiency, Ascent Solutions equips mobile workers with both hardware and software designed to make your employees more efficient and deliver a better customer experience.  


Partnering with Zebra Technologies, Ascent Solutions combines the rugged durability of Zebra’s mobile printers with the versatility only the Force.com platform can provide. This is accomplished with our independent labeling application, LabelAnything. To explore LabelAnything’s usage, we’ve invited its developer, Rachel Wang, and our label experts to explain how LabelAnything and Zebra printers work together to enhance workforce mobility.

  1. What do you think was the goal behind creating LabelAnything?
    Ascent: We sought to create RFID tags and barcode labels from the Salesforce Cloud, so you can pull the data from the Cloud then transfer it into RFID tags and barcode labels. The app was developed natively in Salesforce and lets you print from anywhere as long as you have access to the Salesforce Cloud.  In the end, the app lets you print your labels directly at the point-of-use, so you don’t waste time while on-duty.
  2. How does LabelAnything work together with Zebra’s mobile printers to enhance worker mobility
    Ascent: Ascent takes advantage of Zebra’s ZBI font and easy-to-use printer drivers to print seamlessly from the Cloud. When installed in Zebra’s mobile printers, LabelAnything helps to create a dependable printing solution that generates needed barcodes in fast-paced environments.
  3. How is LabelAnything different from Zebra’s Print DNA?
    Ascent: LabelAnything exists as its own interface on Salesforce Cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere, through multiple devices. That means your fleet of Zebra printers can access and replicate your barcodes whenever they access the Cloud from wherever your workforce is located. Zebra’s Print DNA applications such as Smart Print and Wake-Up over WiFi serve to expedite label production by anticipating prints and saving battery life for your workforce’s crucial tasks. In other words, LabelAnything is for barcode production, while Print DNA sustains device uptime.
  4. How does LabelAnything integrate into Zebra’s mobile printers?
    Ascent: Zebra’s Link-OS accommodates new applications within its open ecosystem, and since Ascent Solutions requires an active web connection, data is easily pulled from the Cloud into your printer.
  5. How does LabelAnything alleviate common pain points in field service (need for visibility/ order accuracy/ customer satisfaction/ faster deliveries/ etc.)
    Ascent: LabelAnything becomes an incredibly helpful asset when workers need to receive and/or pick up a lot of inventory. For example, instead of printing individual serial number labels, someone in the rental industry can click one button and print as many labels as needed. We offer quick, efficient solutions for companies dealing with mass serial numbers and PO’s since you can manage all your labels from anywhere through one intuitive platform integrated into a rugged enterprise-device. Also, by delivering a customer receipt at point of service, we have enhanced the customer experience by eliminating multipart forms and other cumbersome paperwork.
  6. Are there any new updates or developments in store for LabelAnything you would like to share?
    Ascent: We’ve made the printing process much simpler without losing accuracy. Our newest update lets you print labels faster with just two clicks. As for our next update, we’ve got a lot in store, including new PDF labels printed straight from the Cloud.

LabelAnything Backend

Whether in the warehouse or on the field, LabelAnything facilitates your printing system while delivering quality labels anytime, anywhere. Start maximizing printing mobility when you download LabelAnything, listed independently on Salesforce’s AppExchange or contact us for further assistance on developing a better labeling system with Zebra Technologies and Ascent Solutions.

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