What Does Efficient Revers Logistics Look Like?

What does Efficient Reverse Logistics Look Like

In 2015, the value of returned goods increased enough to classify as the world’s 21st largest economy, outranking international economies and annual sales from major American retail corporations. Responsible for nearly a third of global returns, U.S. consumers contribute up to $221.7 billion according to market researchers from the IHL Group. Furthermore, return processes are becoming far more complex with Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS), which have increased by 38% in a span of a year. Between the rise of omnichannel shopping and increasing return fraud, the need for transparent and manageable reverse logistics is more crucial than ever.

Whether managing returned goods or recurrent rentals, a reverse logistics system requires adaptive visibility in order to recover maximum value. As a native application within Salesforce, Ascent Solutions is able to integrate full asset visibility within enterprise-ready devices, giving your workforce greater insight to returned goods. Partnering with Zebra Technologies, Ascent redefines reverse logistics efficiency with complete end-to-end solutions.

Made Strong from the Inside Out

MC9300 Worker Scanning Part

Implemented into Zebra’s rugged mobile devices, Ascent’s platform works in conjunction to Zebra’s versatile connectivity and ergonomics to:

  • Reduce storage and distribution costs normally associated with inadequate return processing. By maximizing inventory visibility and control, Ascent can help your workforce locate, manage, and move assets before they completely lose their value. This in turn can also contribute to your forward logistics as products become easier to locate. 
  • Accommodate different aspects of reverse logistics. Naturally intuitive, Ascent handles omnichannel returns, refurbishing, unsold goods sent back to manufacturers, end-of-life assets, rentals, and delivery failures –all through your preferred mobile device. 
  • Accurately track assets on the go with Ascent’s integrated serial numbers and barcodes. Further strengthen inventory visibility with Zebra’s rugged scanners, engineered to capture even the most problematic barcodes.

Much like with any other system, choose a solution that grows and adapts alongside your workforce. To see how Ascent Solutions can integrate efficient reverse logistics into your operations, contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your current workflow. Explore best practices, new technology, and more with the leaders in warehouse efficiency.

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